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Feyrouz neyshapouri with full 925 silver casing

The benefits of wearing a Feyrouz ring:

Looking at it strengthens eye sight.

Putting it around the neck will cure sicknesses; strengthen voice tone, cures lung and breathing problems.

Brings success in everything, and prevents from dying a bad death.

Strengthens the heart, makes it more patient, relieves it of depression, stress, tension, mental and nerve problems, and it brings tranquility.

Repels negative energy, especially repelling evil eye and envy. It is similar to the ‘Aqiq, in that it helps in repelling all kinds of disasters and calamities, and it is considered an important Hirz in easing things and increasing income and rizq.

Comes with free ring adjuster

Feyrouz Neyshapouri

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